"Success, to me means using my strengths, energies and resources to uplift people who need it most"


For every client, I mentor a young person to find their purpose and path, one for one.

I believe that when people are given the right guidance and conditions, they’ll thrive. By living their purpose and path, they’ll contribute positively to others and the world around them, paying it forward.

My vision is to create a fully funded program for underprivileged youths to find their Purpose and Path. In time and with your support, I plan to launch and fund a programme for inner city youth to develop teamwork and self awareness through outdoor adventure experiences and around the campfire discussion – and support them long term through an online course and 1:1 mentoring.

Here’s what we have been up to at the moment…

Joanna, Entrepreneurship student

I grew up in Stockholm but moved to Barcelona recently. During school I tried a lot of different things – art, technology and sports, trying to explore different areas of my personality. Now I am studying a BBA in Entrepreneurship.

I want to start building my own brand. Either to eventually use it as a base for my own business or proof of my skills for future employers. Although, I have trouble knowing where and how to start.

With mentorship I hope to identify my strengths, get guidance on how I can use them and how to prioritize my time and energy.

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